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Hi I’m Matt Baker! :)

I’m 12 years in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, a qualified counsellor and addiction worker. There’s a lot said about relapse prevention on the net and off it for that matter. Talking about relapse prevention is one thing. Having a good knowledge about it is important. But actually doing it is often another. We can talk about relapse prevention all day but unless you are working at relapse prevention then you’re in danger of relapse! That’s why this site is all about Relapse Prevention Activities!

Activity is the key. Especially early on, if you’re not doing something to stay in recovery you’ll gradually slip back into using whatever substance or doing whatever you do additively.

It is my aim to provide a structured programme of Relapse prevention activities that you can use day to day to strengthen your recovery. I will start with a Relapse Prevention Basics series Unit 1 and 2 are nowavailable.

Relapse Prevention Activities Basics Unit 1

Relapse Prevention Activities Basics Unit 2

I will add to these to create a comprehensive relapse prevention course. This will provide a framework for anyone coming into recovery and seeking relapse prevention activities to build a solid foundation in recovery. I hope they will also be interesting to people who are further ahead in recovery and indeed anyone who is interested in finding relapse prevention activities to use to support recovering people.

I will be adding a whole range of more specific relapse prevention activities that you can use in ongoing recovery so do keep checking back. These resources will be free to use and should provide enough structure to ensure you are doing all you can to prevent relapse.

Please feel free to contact me with any feedback or information you feel will benefit the site. I will be adding a forum when the site begins to get a decent volume of traffic so feel free to join up and contribute or ask other members for support.

Due to spamming I have had to set the comments to be moderated by me so if you do comment and it doesn’t show instantly, that’s why. Thanks for your patience here. A site like this covered in spam comments by people selling everything from shoes to the latest internet marketing software never looks homely. I hope that in time Relapse Prevention Activities will be the home of good relapse prevention resources and some happy contributing members.

Meanwhile. Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you soon,


Relapse Prevention Activities

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