Relapse Prevention Plan

Your Relapse Prevention Plan

Having a relapse prevention plan is a vital part of recovery. If recovery is a journey then your relapse prevention plan is the map that will help you navigate along the way. Your plan needs to be tailored to suit you though there are aspects of it which are common to all. This catagory of the blog is for posts related to developing your own relapse prevention plan and a dedicated page on relapse prevention planning is coming to Relapse Prevention Activites very soon….


Relapse Prvention Basics Unit 2

Hi All

Just a quick note to say that Relapse Prevention Basics part 2 in up and running. In this unit we look at Relapse Prevention as being a process over which you can take control! We also look at the important difference between doing relapse prevention proactively and reactively.

It is also a chance to say thanks to all those who have visited the site since January. Thank You! Especially those of you who are keeping an eye on developements. Please keep coming back and do comment or contact me with feedback and suggestions.

I will be making more time to work on the content over the next month or so and so a comprehensive programme will be available soon.

Best Regards,


Relapse Prevention Activities



Test Video

Relapse prevention activities video testing and introduction

Hi here’s a short video I made about the site. Please do take a look. It’s a bit of a test video and I’m working on upping the quality a bit but I do get the chance to say a bit about what the relapse prevention activities website is aiming to offer.